Blended Fragments

Project Info TitleBlended Fragments SizeVarious MaterialVarious FinishVarious About “Blended Fragments” – Atelier van Asseldonk’s captivating collection resembles a search for layered construction. The works translate the evolution of the atelier, featuring an array of sculptured grids. In this series, the artist explores the art of draping, shaping, stacking, constructing and balancing, transforming these seemingly disparate […]

Black Hole Mirror Project Info Title Black Hole Mirror Size 250 cm x 180 cm x 40 cm Material Mirror  Finish Mirror Polished About “Somewhere between the parallel universe and the antiverse must be something. A region of spacetime we call ‘here’, an event horizon we call ‘now’.” Inspired by one of the last mysteries of mankind. […]

Wooden Rug

Project Info Title Wooden Rug Size 250 cm x 250 cm Material Oak Finish Natural oil About Fascinated by the artisanal quality and the graphic play of lines, surfaces and directions, of the works by Versailles carpenters. The refined details, the precision in execution, and the love for free experimentation. Using the same eye for […]

Grandfather monolith

Project Info TitleGrandfather monolith SizeVarious MaterialStainless steel and Bronze FinishBurnished AboutThe Monolite appears at a point in time where change is at hand. In the current day and agewe reflect and will look back on this day where a major shift takes place. It influences thehistory of mankind, particularly by encouraging humankind to progress with […]