Project Info

Wave Reflector

125 cm x 125 cm x 40 cm


Mirror polished


The ‘Wave Reflector’ is an object with the function of visually rearranging the space around the object. It offers the opportunity to experience the surroundings in another way by capturing light and other kind of waves from space and reflecting them back to the spectator in a rearranged way.

The mirror as a material is often used to give a modern or futuristic look to an object, interior, or architectural structure. However, people have been fascinated or even obsessed by mirrors for centuries. From Biblical stories to the fairy tales of Grim, and from Archimedes Solar Ray to a solar park. The mirror has given us the opportunity to look at the world in a different way and discover new things with the help of this new perspective. The mirror itself is nothing we have not seen before, but it plays a fundamental role in discovering things that we have not yet seen. The inventions of the microscope and the telescope were only possible due to the presence of the mirror. The mirror shows us the smallest, the biggest, and everything in between.