Black Hole Mirror Project Info Title Black Hole Mirror Size 250 cm x 180 cm x 40 cm Material Mirror  Finish Mirror Polished About “Somewhere between the parallel universe and the antiverse must be something. A region of spacetime we call ‘here’, an event horizon we call ‘now’.” Inspired by one of the last mysteries of mankind. […]

Wooden Rug

Project Info Title Wooden Rug Size 250 cm x 250 cm Material Oak Finish Natural oil About Fascinated by the artisanal quality and the graphic play of lines, surfaces and directions, of the works by Versailles carpenters. The refined details, the precision in execution, and the love for free experimentation. Using the same eye for […]

Grandfather monolith

Project Info TitleGrandfather monolith SizeVarious MaterialStainless steel and Bronze FinishBurnished AboutThe Monolite appears at a point in time where change is at hand. In the current day and agewe reflect and will look back on this day where a major shift takes place. It influences thehistory of mankind, particularly by encouraging humankind to progress with […]

Weld Robot×9-1-1.mp4 Project Info TitleWeld Robot SizeVarious MaterialVarious FinishVarious About We don’t worship the design, but the tools that make the design possible. We live for progress, made to guide ourselves into the future. From the first steps in welding, this production method has been fundamental for our work since our rise in 2008. Discovering the […]


Project Info TitleObjectarium SizeVarious MaterialSteel and Mirror FinishCustom paint AboutThe installation arose from our fascination for everything earthly. We were inspired by the way Philips, the company that made Eindhoven the city it now is, did their research back in the day they still dominated the city. They were confronted with impossible scientific issues on […]

Flare Stack

Project Info TitleFlare Stack Size75 cm x 75 cm x 125 cm MaterialSteel FinishOil burned AboutBurning gas shooting through high factory chimneys and large plumes of flames re bursting into the air. As a young kid, Aart was fascinated by the contour of those flames against the evening sky when he drove past the petrochemical […]

Moonbase Alpha

Project Info TitleMoonbase Alpha SizeVarious MaterialStainless steel and Bronze FinishBurnished About The international pooling of technical skill and resources after the War of 1987 resulted in the advanced construction of Moonbase Alpha. Development of the Weld-Robot tool paved the way for shape research and three dimensional tryouts. An angled metal facade where sheets meet to […]

Discovery one

Project Info TitleDiscovery one SizeVarious MaterialStainless steel and Bronze FinishPolished, Matte, Patinated About Floating through space passing galaxies for times on end. The Discovery 1’s interstellar travelis closely monitored by Atelier van Asseldonk. After laying first contact with the Weld-Robot,the light was captured and wrapped in steel seams to be harnessed and put to good […]

The Time is Ticking

Project Info TitleThe time is ticking Size20 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm MaterialWood and golden base FinishNatural   AboutWe humans are perishable, mortal beings, our skin will wrinkle, we shrink, and eventually our body breaks itself down. Eventually future generations will not remember of our existence as individuals. This is exactly what will […]

Endless Table

Project Info TitleEndless Table SizeVarious MaterialSteel and Glass FinishLaquer AboutA table that, as long as space and the different material properties allow, can be endlessly long. The design of this table came to exist while working on the interior of The Ploeg in Bergeijk, the first and only industrial complex designed by Gerrit Th. Rietveld. […]