The studio

“Atelier van Asseldonk has been developed by a relatively small and loosely structured group of people who differentiate projects by researching and developing primarily for the sake of radical innovation and enjoyment.

We operate in both the public, private as the institutional domain and create commissioned and autonomous works. The atelier works on projects varying from art commissions, architecture, interior concepts and product design. All derived from exceedingly conceptual minds.”

Functional design with a healthy dose of conceptual thinking. At Atelier van Asseldonk we work as modern craftsman who uses his knowledge of materials and processing techniques to delivering high-quality work. At Atelier van Asseldonk we make no difference between the concept, the function, and the shape of an object. All three are inseparably connected.

Our workshop is situated in an old farm in a small village near the city of Eindhoven. We created a place where we can experiment, craft, and develop concepts using both traditional and present-day techniques.