Project Info

Heating Stove 01

75 cm x 75 cm x 125 cm

Stainless Steel


The project took us four years of experimentation and reengineering the wooden study we had made into a perfect working stove. But still… why would an intelligent young designer shed blood, sweat and tears to create the ultimate stove? The question itself puzzled us as much as it drove us forward. The design of Heating Stove 01 springs from a practical revaluation of the engineering and craftsmanship that led to the evolution of modern design.

Because it was impossible to cast a perfect stove in one piece, we chose to construct it by mounting a few 100 individual parts, one on top of the other. Each part was handmade and rolled into a cylindrical form. The inner core measured 10 mm and the outer sheet 3 mm of steel plate. When all parts were finished to perfection, they were coated with a layer of ceramic that is specially developed in the racing industry to retain colour even when heated to a temperature of 1500 degrees Celsius.

The physical appearance of the stove presented itself to us while we were researching the elements we needed to make the perfect working stove. In a technical way we created a perfectly efficient stove that has the right balance between radiant heat and convection heat. We know that burning wood is not the most efficient and environmental friendly way of producing heat in the present time, but a stove is also something else. It is a place to gather around. It forms the heart of any home.