Project Info

Flare Stack

75 cm x 75 cm x 125 cm


Oil burned

Burning gas shooting through high factory chimneys and large plumes of flames re bursting into the air. As a young kid, Aart was fascinated by the contour of those flames against the evening sky when he drove past the petrochemical refineries south of Maastricht.

Enhanced by its dark black skin created by submerging the entire object in raw oil, roughly- welded joints and large bolts, the sheer expressiveness of the object visually claimed the space surrounding it. Exaggeration of size and emphasis of the skin of the object blends the definitions of modern sculpture and architecture into the realm of design. The wooden version of the Flare Stack, made in oak shows great refinement of surface, which emphasizes the geometrical composition of circles and angular bodies. The Flare Stack is constructed in a way that makes it scalable and therefore producible to fit any existing interior. That said the flare stack does feel at its best being a big bulky object claiming its space and the attention of its surrounding. 

Courtesy of Gallery SCENE OUVERTE
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