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Black Hole Mirror

250 cm x 180 cm x 40 cm


Mirror Polished


“Somewhere between the parallel universe and the antiverse must be something. A region of spacetime we call ‘here’, an event horizon we call ‘now’.”

Inspired by one of the last mysteries of mankind. In a configuration of 1900+ unique mirror pieces, we created an out of this world object. A perfect marriage of artisan craft and engineering with present-day technologies. The size (2,5m x 1,8m) and the angled mirror landscape make an almost hyper realistic ‘rendered’ piece, visually rearranging the space around the object.

Playing with time and time frames is a recurring ritual in previous productions. A signature of the studio, complementing crossovers between the dusty appearance of the classical craft and the emptiness of the digital, a desire for quality, and an unremitting urge to develop as a self-producing maker.

Courtesy of Gallery SCENE OUVERTE
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