Project Info

De Ploeg Bergeijk




Gerrit Rietveld’s legendary workshop reopens as BRUNS DeStijlfactory. Originally built as Weverij De Ploeg in 1957, the first and only industrial complex designed by Gerrit Th. Rietveld. This beautiful piece of heritage has been rejuvenated in colors, patterns and textures without compromising the essence of Rietveld’s design.

 BRUNS exhibition builders commissioned us to design the new interior for their entire workspace. The building, originally built as Weverij De Ploeg in 1957, is the first and only industrial complex designed by Gerrit Rietveld. Rietveld’s open planned factory was the perfect foundation to create offices, studio’s, a creative laboratory, workshops and a canteen that keep up with demands of a contemporary working environment.

 To upstart our new design we took inspiration from Rietveld’s ‘carpenters eye’. This was a logical starting point given the similar values of our studio. To accommodate the new office section we inserted a new facade into the open plan, adjacent to the entrance. This monumental room-divider of oak and moss doubles as an acoustic wall. The graphic shading in precious grey-green oak, derives direct lineage from the iconic cross hatch pattern of Rietveld’s half open shed-facade with sliding doors.

 This striking invention Rietveld came up with for De Ploeg exterior, allows daylight to generously flow into the factory hall. Since it’s invention this remarkable facade became immortalized on photographs, spread by architectural magazines all over the world. The transparency of the relation between the architecture and its surrounding landscape park, designed by Mien Ruys, became underlined in our design for the wall by the graphic use of moss greenery that emphasizes the connection between the inside and outside of this functional piece of art.