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Dutch Design Week

The open mind of creative professionals as a basis for innovation. In the opening exhibition OPEN MIND, Kazerne shows the power of the creative industry with Key figures from Dutch design, such as Maarten Baas, Kiki van Eijk & Joost van Bleiswijk, Mieke Meijer and Atelier van Asseldonk. The presented works show the different facets of their special and open way of working; they show that innovation is actually achieved through an open attitude.

The Open Mind expo at Kazerne in Eindhoven was curated by Annemoon Geurts and designed by Moon/en/Co. During this exposition a wide range of designers from the Netherlands and abroad showed what they were capable of creating.

A couple of our designs were selected to be part of the Open Mind exhibition. The Flare Stack played a prominent role by taking up a big space at the entrance of the Kazerne in Eindhoven. Besides the Flare Stack we presented a couple of new designs such as our Formworks stove.

The show was a way of showing the possibilities of design in every imaginable way. Work that could only be created by designers with an open mind.