Trouble light – Lamp

Introduced in 2013, the first series of octagonal lights included a wall mounted lamp and table lamp, the latter hanging from a rustic, thick rope, all inspired by traditional trouble lights are mostly known from their use in garages and repair workshops. By endlessly planning and precise construction, we aimed to pare the richest expression of the used materials to the most essential definition of geometric clarity. Its humble origin as a utensil was significantly upgraded in our new incarnation. Besides the Trouble Lights designed for interiors, different outsized lamps were made on commission for example in blackened wood. The scalable design, and the fact that object can be executed in different materials and with different finishes ensures that it fits ideally within any desired space.

Size: 600 mm x 600 mm x 800 mm (dxwxh)
Material: European oak
Finish: Oil coated
Variation: On request