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Modern Times




Alongside church steeples, high chimneys once dominated big industrial cities. Most are demolished now, but some still remain as nostalgic remnants of a long-forgotten industrial age, when factories were perceived by most citizens as vital signs of prosperity and wellbeing. 

The Modern Times exhibition was a reaction on a time in which design was overly polished, every connection between materials was hidden away, and most  products were created in factories instead of workshops by the designers themselves. We drew visual inspiration from the industrial era, but transformed it with our craftsmanship and experience. With this collection, we wanted to react on society and the world of design that both were evolving at light speed.

 Modern Times is a collection of hand-crafted work, consisting of an outdoor stove, an indoor stove, a cabinet and two lamps. The exhibition and the works within are not merely a reference to the past, but also a reference to the time that real craftsmen take to complete their work in comparison to factory made objects. And he visual quality the lather way of producing an object lacks.