Project Info

Eindhoven Relief



An ode to the reconstruction architecture of the period after WOII. Commissioned by and in close collaboration with ‘Stichting Wederopbouw Eindhoven’ we have developed a graphic relief that is made up of visual elements from the reconstruction period of the city of Eindhoven. Details of architectural elements that are recognizable for buildings built in the period after the Second World War.

The relief in itself was not the end but a means. The graphic pattern can be used as a design tool with which other visual expressions can be designed. For example, if the municipality of Eindhoven wants to design a new public bench, needs a pattern for a drainage grid, or wants to develop a unique manhole cover, the shape of the elements that need to be designed can be extracted from the relief. This by simple placing the outer shape of the desired product o top of the relief, and extrude he shapes within to fit the function of the desired element. This way the elements of the post war architecture find their way to the streets of the city in a modern interpretation.