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Custom series




As part of a commission for the complete transformation of a private residence, we produced a series of custom made objects. The idyllic estate owned by an oilman is situated outside Eindhoven, with rivers to the north, trees to the east and west, grasslands and roads to the south, and further surrounded by properties iconic to the area. 

The integrated custom objects are inspired by, or literal adaptations of the core business of our client, oil. We produced a series of lights that owe their form to the shape of propane and benzene molecules. Besides these literal adaptations we created a custom dining table, an oversized trouble light, and a heavily engineered shutter system. Most of the items were blackened to showcase the esthetic we found in our research to oil, and the steal parts of the table are for even blackened by literally dipping it in raw oil while hot. These custom pieces made this a project where architecture, interior and product are treated equally, to create a cohesive whole.